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    In the heart of Burgas, a rather unique and impressive restaurant Incanto Kitchen & Bar has opened its doors to the public. Unique, because its design and concept is completely foreign to our city. Impressive, because it is truly brave and futuristic. The idea comes from one who travels the world, trying new foods and experiencing new things… Aiming to recreate that wholesome feeling, we came up with Incanto Kitchen & Bar – a new category in the dining industry, catering towards the modern and dynamic person. Managing to swiftly combine both traditional Bulgarian recipes with European culture, calling this “A Restaurant of The Future” would be no understatement.

    Kitchen & Bar is simultaneously a café, bar, bistro, restaurant or a cosmopolitan place for meet ups and dining. A place for all those who enjoy delicious and healthy foods, quality coffee and wine, stylish interior, a very pleasant atmosphere and outstanding service.


    has its own personal style, a compilation of Scandinavian and industrial interior design, with most furniture made up of natural materials, filling the restaurant with white marble, oak, granite and leather.

    The First Floor aims to have a warmer vibe, provoking your appetite. There you can find our gourmet- take away stand, filled with freshly made: pasta, bread and a wide variety of homemade sweets coming straight out of the oven. The rest of the interior design is made up of large wooden cutting boards, jars filled with extremely aromatic teas, vases planted with herbs and spices and marble rolling pins, all adding to this unique experience.

    The second floor is made up of two quite different seating areas. On one side, you will see two low sitting sofas, combined with a low table it creates the perfect arrangement for aperitifs or maybe a cocktail or two. On the other hand, we have standard high sitting tables, which are perfect for a pleasant wine and dine situation with both family and friends. Special software “narrates” the lighting and the music creating the perfect ambiance for the given time of day, seamlessly fusing with the dimmed light from the lanterns and LED candles, one can really feel the energy of the silhouettes. Truly magical and real.

    The food itself is extremely appetizing and diverse. All the dishes we offer are made up of fresh and quality products, handpicked from 50 different places from both Bulgaria and abroad.

    Cuisines are all homemade, simple and understandable, utilizing proven recipes. We update our menu constantly, staying up to date with worldwide healthy lifestyle and eating tendencies.

    But undoubtedly the most important part is the raw produce going into your finished meals and desserts, here’s just a small part of them: veal (USDA certified )/free from any kinds of growth hormone/, chicken also free from all sorts of hormones and antibiotics, gluten free salami, BIO eggs, BIO cacao. For all the desserts we offer, we use only 100% natural sweeteners with no stabilizers. We also have a wide range of Vegetarian and Vegan options. In our bakery, we make fresh breads, focaccias, pizzas and pastas on the daily. In our kitchen, aside from making all our delicious dishes, we also make our very own desserts and ice-cream.

    We wrap your take away orders in environmentally friendly packaging, which becomes soil 8 weeks after composting.

    Aside from everything mentioned above, the astonishing view of Burgas’s most emblematic structure – The Clock Tower, combined with the natural light seeping through the large sealing-to-floor windows and the lightning fast Wi-Fi, all merge together making this “Restaurant Of The Future” attractive both to the working class from around the area and normal passersby.

    Incanto Kitchen & Bar is no ordinary restaurant, a place for those, which hold a free mind and spirit. A place to eat and converse, as they did in the 17th century in the very first “coffeehouses” established in Venice and Oxford – a hotspot for intellectual meet-ups of any kind.

    Incanto Kitchen & Bar is a story to be continued!

    Incanto Kitchen & Bar

    whereto find us?

    4 Atanas Sirekov Square, Burgas 8000

    Mon – Fri: from 08:00 to 00:00
    Saturday: from 09:30 to 00:00
    Sunday: from 10:00 to 23:00

    0898 445 443